Putting It All The Way Out There

I am really _______ tired of this crap men pull over and over again. What is it about me that tells a guy that the best way to deal with conflict within a relationship is to ignore your significant other? Do I have a “kick me” sign on my back somewhere that I’m not noticing? Because this crap is getting very old very fast. I am not going to have the same arguments with you over and over again. Yes, I know I’m stubborn and I’m set in my ways and I can be a little selfish sometimes but it is only because I give everything I have to give and when you don’t meet me halfway, I shut down and I don’t want to try. You’ve gotta give as good as you get to make this work. I’m through with biting my tongue because that mess does not get me anywhere. I thought love meant that we love each other even when we don’t like each other. Maybe that’s just my mentality. I’ve been really putting an effort into treating you differently than I treated the other men in my past. Making sure that I don’t put you out there because I know you like your privacy. Making sure that I tame my tongue so I don’t say everything I want to say in anger. But right now, your are acting just like the Gentleman Asshole and I am not going through that crap EVER again! If you continue down this path, I will let you go without a look backwards, and if that means ruining a relationship God wants me to have, then F it! I’ll just be single for the rest of my life!


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