O-mo-wun-mi – a Nigerian who found beauty in Christ.

Omowunmi is a thirty-something year old native of Nigeria who relocated to the United States at the tender age of ten to be reunited with her parents, especially the father she had never met face to face. Through the years, Mowunmi (or Mo as she is called by many) struggled with her identity as a young woman. The pressures of meeting the expectations of her parents and fellow Nigerians coupled with the difficulty of fitting into a society that was less than welcoming of her “different” background and ethnicity culminated in some years of inner turmoil. Always a diligent church-attendee, Mowunmi relied on her faith in God to get her through her most difficult circumstances. By God’s grace, she successfully completed middle school, high school and college with honors and was able to pursue her lifelong dream of attending law school and becoming an attorney. While in college, Mowunmi experienced a number of personal tragedies and failings that further contributed to her deteriorating view on herself. Although familiar with the tenets of her faith, Mowunmi’s experiences of heartbreak, loss, betrayal and in some cases, abuse, lead her down a path that was far from Christ-like. She attended Sunday services and had the appearance of a Christian but lived contrary to God’s commandment for holiness and purity. These failings were most noted in her relationships as she sought affirmation from committed relationships with men who were less than God’s standards for her. One faithful September day in 2009, while in the very throes a long-term courtship/committed relationship with a man she thought she would marry, Mowunmi felt God’s intense pull upon her heart – that coupled with her clear vision of what her sins looks like to a holy and righteous God who will pour out His wrath on all sin, was enough to bring her to the foot of the Cross. She broke off her relationship as a sacrifice of obedience and gave her heart to Christ, wholly and without question. Since that day, Omowunmi’s life has been less about being an influential attorney or finding the man she wanted to marry, and completely about living for the glory of God. This blog follows her journey from troubled, double-minded, lukewarm Christian to a passionate, sold out woman seeking the heart of God.  She is not where she wants to be, but by God’s grace, she is not where she USED to be. By the never-failing mercies of God, Omowunmi is happily married to whom she describes as God best for her and has been wonderfully blessed with two children. Omowunmi has been able to begin her lifelong dream of being a published author. Her first book is a fictional account of life experiences inspired by the author’s upbringing. Her book Life and Love Through a Yoruba Woman’s Eyes was released in 2013. Omowunmi described the process of penning this psuedo-memoir as coming full circle to realize the reasons for her many failings and falling in relationship. Since then, Omowunmi has written two more books, A Nigerian American Tale and A Serious Matter.  Both these works are a continuation of the author’s formula of telling tales of fiction from the perspective of young Christian Nigerians living in America. All of these works are available on Amazon. Her hope is that these works of fiction will communicate to readers the power and redemption that is found in Christ alone. We invite you to come along for journey by connecting with Omowunmi via her blog, Twitter (@attorney_of_luv) or Facebook (facebook.com/attorneymo). God bless you as you do so.

Yours In Christ,

a Nigerian who found beauty in a life surrendered to Christ.




3 thoughts on “O-mo-wun-mi – a Nigerian who found beauty in Christ.

  1. seriously, this is great. I’m so glad to find somebody from my father’s land on the blogosphere. I’ve been looking hard for one. I’m a Nigerian too, but from the Southern part, Akwa Ibom to be precise. I love your blog. Yor story is so touching, the part of facing rejection. Thanks for sharing.

    • God bless you sis and welcome 🙂 It’s always a blessing to connect with other Nigerians. I’m glad you found me and I look forward exchanging ideas and reading your own writings! Be blessed 🙂

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